Speaking & Consulting

“I really liked her enthusiasm and passion for what she was presenting. You can tell that she really believes in what she is doing.”
— Anonymous High School Mathematics Teacher, 2017

I specialize in speaking and consulting about topics and issues in mathematics education. I have experience speaking at local, national, and international venues to varied audiences including pre-service and practicing teachers, teacher educators, mathematicians, researchers, curriculum specialists, and students. Recent topics I’ve spoken about include:

  • learning progressions and learning trajectories
  • early algebra and algebraic thinking
  • mathematics curriculum and instruction
  • mathematics technology
  • students’ mathematical thinking, learning, and representing
  • linking research and practice

I also have experience as an educational consultant. For example, I’ve recently helped teachers address issues in their schools such as:

  • acceleration, advancement, and math placement
  • communicating research findings to parents and administrators
  • navigating curricular choices and national standards
  • using technology and multiple representations in instruction

Interested in having me speak at your next event? Curious about my consulting work? I’d love to hear from you. See about me for contact information.

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