As a teacher.

May 23, 2016   I find myself in the role of a teacher. I have learned to find beauty in all that I see. Yet when others are faced with dissatisfaction, with fear or with anxiety, they are clouded, unable to see. Pulled from the presence. How then, do you teach others to embrace love. […]

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Coming into being.

January 23, 2018   Coming into being. In coming into being I get glimpses of selflessness Of illumination of purpose Of intentions and dreams.   In coming into being I Become more awakened To broader and higher purpose Not of my to-do list But instead of an Energetic flow that Connects us all.   I […]

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I teach, I learn.

January 24, 2018   I teach, I learn.   My first born turned 6 years old today. I dedicate this post to him, Focusing on both what I am teaching, and what I am learning.   I teach kindness, and self-regulation. I learn vulnerability and excitement.   I teach discipline and self-care. I learn playfulness […]

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Why does it feel so crazy?

Why does it feel so crazy? Dec. 6, 2017   Whirling. Spinning. Out of control. Breathe. Stay grounded. Not one more.   Take a break. Take a breath. Don’t forget to breathe.   Notice the racing mind. The endless list. The deadlines. The exams. The priorities.   Watch, listen. All around. Buzzing, buzzing. What’s that […]

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Lost and found.

Hidden while shown. Aimless with purpose. Calm while anxious. Cerebral and intense. In an unfamiliar land, I don’t hear my home tongue. The sights and sounds overwhelm my senses. Contributing to a simultaneous state of confusion. Alertness. –stop– wandering– where did I go? Confusion endurance. A goal. Mixed media. Art performance. Teach. Math identity. Winter. […]

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Listen, listen.

Nov. 5, 2017   Listen, listen. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Listen to your breath. Listen to your inner voice.   What do you notice in this space and time? What movement are you craving? Undulate your spine to come into being. With feet planted on the earth. In this moment in […]

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Facing fears.

Facing fears. September 26, 2017   As a writer, one of my biggest fears is rejection. It is human nature to hold in our hearts a longing for acceptance. This inner drive to be seen and heard is in some ways at odds with the nature of publishing.   Here, in my free space to […]

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Letting go to grow.

Letting go to grow. September 21, 2017   I pause in my stream of writing to gaze out the window. The shimmying tree caught my eye, And now I am the watcher of my experience. Being in balance with doing.   A single leaf let go from its tether to the branch. Now at rest […]

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I see you.

I see you. In looking into the depths of my soul. I see your sorrow, your fear, your pain. I see your joy, your love, and excitement. I see you. Some see soul searching as selfish or single-focused. I see the best and worst of me. I see the best and worst of you. I […]

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