Dr. Nicky. The Scientist.

For a while now, perhaps ever sense I was introduced to a “lab” model of scientific and education research, I’ve wondered, what is a lab? How do I build my own “lab”? In working on this, I came to the following conclusions: I am the leader of my own lab. My lab is focused on […]

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I teach, I learn.

January 24, 2018   I teach, I learn.   My first born turned 6 years old today. I dedicate this post to him, Focusing on both what I am teaching, and what I am learning.   I teach kindness, and self-regulation. I learn vulnerability and excitement.   I teach discipline and self-care. I learn playfulness […]

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I gaze, I wonder.

Monday January 15, 2018 I gaze, I wonder. As a little part of my soul Cries, another part Celebrates. Celebrates a time that once Was, and now has past. Will I go on living my life Present, past, and future Or will I learn to live more fully In the now To become more alive […]

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